Comes from a biking family and started riding at 2 years old. BMX racing followed at 8. Road Racing at 14. He started Mountain Biking in 1985. He was the fourth person to complete the Pennine Way on a Mountain Bike and has done the Coast To Coast run in 14 hours (so he says). Raced in USA for YETI and has worked in cycle shops since he was 16: in USA, London and Darlington. He currently owns over 30 bikes. There is nothing this man doesn't know (about anything)

LIKES: Single Speed/Mexican Food
DISLIKES: Computers, Healthy Food, Heavy Bikes


Been biking for 8 years and loves very expensive bikes. His stamina and tea making skills need work. This man likes his danger and can often be seen throwing himself down ridiculous descents. Says he doesn't take a good photograph, but this ones "not bad, like"

PREFERED RIDING: Mental Fast Singletrack
LIKES: Single Track and Falling Off, Kate Bush
DISLIKES: Washing Up & Ives Music Selection


Been riding 12 years. XC Racing at 9 years old, had fun beating kids twice his age. Got bored of that and started riding trials. Has been doing silly stunts for 3 years. Has been a member of the Great Britain Trials Team.

PREFERED RIDING: Trials (Street)
LIKES: Pizza, Dance Music, More Pizza
DISLIKES: Washing Up & Washing Up